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APM Terminals uses World Crisis as excuse

APM Terminals uses World Crisis as excuse

A company claims in a port operations specialized magazine that is breaking records of productiveness in its terminal, hitting 40 movements per hour, staying only behind terminals like Santos and Rio Grande. The same company fires, in less than 6 months, more than 80 employees, among operators, checkers, and operation assistants, which equals about 40% of their employees board, it’s hard to believe that this two cases make reference to the same company, but those contradictory situations happen in Itajaí, at the company Teconvi, directed by the group Moller Maersk or APM Terminals

As quoted by the company Commercial Director, Mr. Patricio Junior, on Revista Portuária Econômia e Negócios (Port Magazine Economic and Business), March, 2009, on page 30, Teconvi’s productive and promising scenario is nothing alike the reality faced by workers that daily deal with the ghost of dismissal, the company that uses the economic crisis and expenses cut as order of the day and a justification for unjustified dismissals, refuses to sign with their employees representation Syndicate a agreement that foresees salary reduction and collective vacations as a way to preserve work

Teconvi’s shameless is so that their directors run on the city streets in luxurious cars rented in astronomical prices and living in beautiful apartments by the sea given by the terminal money, while their employees go to work unknowing if this could be their last day in the company, once everyday new dismissals appear

Sintac tried every way to preserve jobs, with formals and informal, Work Collective Agreements, trying even to propose salary reduction to minimize the costs with payment, in this delicate moment, being ignored by Private Terminal administration, and it was not just a couple of times the company representatives “affirmed” there wouldn’t be any more dismissals

The foreigner group that directs Itajaí Terminal probably judges Brazil as a land of ignorant Indians, that trade precious stones for European junk, and that’s Teconvi’s / APM Terminals mistake, because in Brazil there are laws and agreements, that must and will be fulfilled, as long as the public power wants it so

Did Teconvi fulfill the hiring agreement signed with the city? If the clause that demanded the reform and fortification of the quays were fulfilled in time wouldn’t Itajaí Port be with its 4 quays working? To who does the orders of Teconvi interest in Itajaí? Is the public power with tied hands in relation to the Terminal administration? What would be the penalty for non-fulfill of the contractual clauses foreseen in the hiring agreement?

Unfortunately, there are a lot of questions that we can’t answer, but the word will be given to who owes explanation. We hope the “third terminal in productiveness in the country”, quoted from the company’s own words, and the representatives from the public power answer

We are waiting sitting, because we know until the answer may come we might not have chairs in our unemployed houses, victims of the greed and bad faith oh this company. Itajaí survived to three big floods, but will the Port survive to APM Terminals?

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